Display Energy Certificates (DEC)

Display Energy Certificates Energy Certificates and Compliance for Public Buildings

Display Energy Certificate a Pubically Displayed Certificate

Display Energy Certificates (DECs) are legally required energy certificates for public buildings. The size of the building dictates the frequency that the energy assessment needs to be carried out. Public buildings over 1000sqm must have a DEC carried out every year and between 250m² – 999m² every 10 Years. Public buildings which occupy less than 250m² do not require a Display Energy Certificate.

DECs must be carried out by a certified DEC assessor and lodged on the government register. An advisory report is also required when the building is first assessed. DECs, much like the commercial and domestic EPC’s, show potential energy-saving improvements that could be made to the building.

In order to carry out a DEC 12 months’ worth of energy consumption data or energy bills will be required by our assessor as without it they cannot calculate the rating and complete the certificate. Once received the certificate must be displayed in an area where it can be viewed by the public.

Use the Energy Certificate Experts and Ensure Your Compliance

KTIC offer a full package of energy certificates for public, commercial and domestic buildings. We have experience carrying out EPC’s for large commercial buildings and small portfolios of domestic properties for landlords. We put the same level of care and attention into providing value, no matter the size of the building. 

KTIC are more than happy to advise and are also able to provide DEC certification efficiently, quickly and cost effectively if required anywhere in England and Wales on a date that is suitable for you.

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KTIC have experience carrying out DECs for some of the UK’s biggest institutions and we pride ourselves on delivering an ‘above and beyond standard’ service. We look to add value to compliance for all of our customers, find out how we can help your organisation today!

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