Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

(MEES Compliance Reports)

MEES Reports Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards Compliance for Landlords

What are MEES Reports?

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards regulations are enforced in England and Wales by the local Weights & Measurements authorities. In the UK, 12% of all energy consumed is used for heating and powering non-domestic private properties. The regulations were introduced to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in the domestic and commercial, private rented sector.

If the rating of your property falls below the minimum standard, we can run a series of remodels through simulating and amending the current Heating, lighting, insulation etc to more modern energy efficient alternatives. This will allow us to show which of these changes will have the biggest impact on improving the rating.

This helps you to choose the best improvements for you, we will work with you to decide on the quickest and most cost-effective plan to improve the rating.

We can further support you by managing the MEES improvements if required, we can do this by sourcing the most cost-effective quotes from our supply partners to save you the time and stress of having to do so.

MEES Compliance, What Commercial Landlords Should Know

There is a minimum level of energy efficiency required to let non-domestic property under the ‘Energy Efficiency (private rented property England & Wales) Regulations of 2015, part 3.

The Minimum requirement of a non-domestic private rented building is ‘band E’ (subject to requirements and exemptions) taken from the EPC.

As of April 1st 2018, landlords cannot grant a tenancy to new or existing tenants if the building falls below ‘band E’. It is therefore important to seek EPC and MEES compliance guidance before tenancy renewal dates.

MEES Support and Advice

Have any questions on Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards? We will help and guide you through your options to ensure that you’re property is compliant. Find out more…

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards Take Action Now and Save Potential Problems Later

If you own or manage a non-domestic rented property and would like any advice or a quotation, please get in touch with us. KTIC have provided EPCs and MEES reports for all types of Non-Domestic Buildings and we have worked with a diverse range of clients including Landlords, Managing agents, Facilities managers, Environmental Consultancies and more.

KTIC are more than happy to advise you with MEES compliance and can produce an enhanced recommendation report to show the quickest most cost-effective ways to improve the EPC rating. We are also able to provide EPC certification efficiently, quickly and cost effectively if required anywhere in England and Wales.

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