Kitchen Extract and Ductwork Cleaning (TR19)

TR-19 Kitchen Ductwork Cleaning Reduce Your Businesses Risk of Fire and Increase the Extraction Efficiency

Why is Commercial Kitchen Extract Cleaning Important?

Unlike many of the services we provide where non-compliance can lead to a fine, the possible repercussions of not cleaning a kitchen extract system are quite simply that a fire could start, and the building could burn down.

As the system extracts the steam and smoke from frying food or even grilling fatty foods, fat and carbon deposits build up within the extraction system. Good filters can lessen the effect however they cannot completely eradicate the issue.

The fat acts as a fuel for a fire and the carbon deposits can be ignited by the heat or even flames from the cooking process causing a fire. This can even happen after the kitchen has closed if a slow burning piece of carbon ignites the system overnight following close down.

Unfortunately, fires have been and will continue to be caused by extract systems that have not been cleaned to the correct standards set out in TR-19. If this happens and the responsible person has not had the system cleaned this could lead to the invalidation of insurance policies and a refusal to pay out.

This could be financially disastrous for any company. However, this pales into insignificance when compared to the risk posed to human health and life by a large fire. Quite simply, anyone who owns or operates a Kitchen with an extract system should try to reduce the risk of a fire caused by the system as one of their main priorities.

KTIC are able to provide a free survey to advise on the optimum cleaning schedule of your system as set out in the TR-19 guidance document. We are also able to provide cleaning through our specialist cleaning partners throughout the UK to help provide moral and financial peace of mind with regards to Kitchen Extract system safety.

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