ESOS Energy Assessments & Compliance


What is ESOS?

For qualifying organisations, ESOS compliance is mandatory. ESOS is designed to encourage larger organisations to identify energy savings by means of an energy assessment. Similar to a Commercial EPC as far as auditing the energy efficiency of buildings, ESOS goes much further into the overall energy consumption of the organisation. Specifically, the ESOS audit takes into consideration the energy used by industrial processes and transport to give a wider overall picture of where energy savings can be made.

ESOS audits must be carried out every 4 years by a fully qualified ESOS Assessor. The ESOS assessor will calculate your total energy consumption and highlight how your energy is consumed. The ESOS report will also indicate where within your organisation you can cost-effectively reduce your energy consumption.

Part of the ESOS compliance states that you must also notify the Environment Agency that you comply with the ESOS scheme and keep records pertaining to ESOS.

Do You Qualify for ESOS?

Your organisation falls under the ESOS scheme if you;

  • Have more than 250 employees


  • Have an annual turnover of €50m & have an annual balance sheet showing €43m.


Under the ESOS definition, if your organisation meet one of the above you’re considered as a large undertaking and as such you must comply with ESOS. However, if your organisation has ISO 50001 accreditation you don’t need to have an accredited assessor audit your organisation but you do need to register your compliance with the Environmental Agency.

Get Expert Help with ESOS Compliance

Streamline Your ESOS Compliance with KTIC - Your Trusted Energy Audit Partner

With KTIC as your ESOS compliance partner, you will benefit from our vast experience carrying out energy audits. We go the extra mile to ensure we give you the most value from compliance. Our ESOS assessors will work with you to carry out the audit quickly and thoroughly analyse the data whilst being as unobtrusive as possible. If your organisation has more than one site, we will help determine the most suitable site sampling approach in order for you to get the most from your ESOS assessment. Our accredited assessors will assist you with the necessary mandatory record keeping, giving you peace of mind that you are fully compliant.

The lead ESOS assessor will also work with you to ensure energy saving opportunities will be reasonably practicable and cost-effective to implement. The ESOS recommendations include a cost/benefit breakdown of implementation so that your organisation can make an informed decision as to what you should do.

There are specific requirements with regards to Legionella risk management, Health and safety Acts and codes of practice that govern Legionella management. KTIC can advise on and provide this information on request so if you are worried about this or unsure as to what you need to do please just give us a call and we will be very happy to help.

Qualify for ESOS?

Get the most value from ESOS compliance with KTIC Solutions. We’ve built our service around our customers meaning you will get a quick and thorough evaluation with minimum disruption to your operations.